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Remembering  Don Henry

And the Spanish Civil War

Don Henry at KU

Before Don Henry ever traveled abroad to fight in the Spanish Civil War, he was a Jayhawk at the University of Kansas

Ideals & Motivations

What did the Spanish Republic stand for? How was it represented to the public and to future international recruits like Don Henry and Ken Graeber?

Diversity in the War

Don Henry was not the only international volunteer in the Spanish Civil War. The Republic's defenders embraced diversity.


Don Henry and Ken Graeber encountered an array of military and medical technology in the Spanish Civil War. These are some of the objects and practices they would have seen.

Letters & Lawsuits

Following Don Henry's death in the Spanish Civil War, his father Ed Henry sued KU for fostering the communist ideals that led his son to his untimely death. This resulted into a 'Red Probe' into the University of Kansas

Historical Objectivity

We often remember the Spanish Civil War as a fight between communism and fascism or democracy and dictatorship but the reality is much more complex. How can we contextualize memory?

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